The dinner

At the end of the guided tour, it’s possible to stay on the plateau for a typical Sardinian dinner.

After every tour it’s possible to choose one of the two agriturismos of the plateau: they offer a full menu made of cold cuts antipasti, culurgiones (Sardinian raviolu), roast pork, Sardinian biscuits, water and whine.

The cost of the dinner is 30€ for the adults.

In some dates, it’s possible to choose the dinner with shephers, in a typical Sardinian shepherd’s hut.

In this case, the menu includes cold cuts antipasti, culurgiones and malloreddos (Sardinian ravioli and homemade pasta), roast pork, sebada (Sardinian fried sweet), coffee, liquors, water and whine.

The cost of the dinner with the shepherd is 35€ for the adults.