The tour

The trip starts from Baunei town center, in Piazza Indipendenza.

After the first breathtaking curves and bends, the train reaches 650m above sea level, above Baunei and the whole Ogliastra region. It then follows the ancient Bia Maore, “the big way”, the only road that goes down inside the plateau, at first inside a thick wood of Olm Oaks, Junipers and Mediterranean scrub, till it reaches the heart of Golgo.

There it makes the first stop, at the famous “As Piscinas”, basaltic natural pols. We get off the Train and take a first short walk from As Piscinas to “Su Sterru”, an impressive karst abyss, the deepest in Europe.

We get on board again, just a couple of minutes before reaching St. Peter’s church, in the center of the plateau, very important cult site for the people who’ve always lived in these lands: that’s our second stop and short walk.

Third stop will be dedicated to the life of the goat shepherds of the Supramonte, visiting a typical shepherd’s hut, walking on an amazing juniper ladder and finally admiring a stunning rock face, made by atmospheric agents.

At the end of the tour, passengers will be dropped off back at the starting point.